Australia by car. Helping you not to miss something special!

In order to visit and observe all the riches that this country offers its guests, you need to come here again and again. Australia is so abundant in natural colors, land and underwater wildlife, ancient monuments and architectural heritage, cultural and modern attractions, that you can only touch its riches during one trip.

For making your trip to a distant Australia country comfortable and successful, you should follow certain rules.

The most common are:

  • Before traveling, learn more about the country. Moreover, this applies not only to sights and accommodation, but also to such things that usually seem not important when you are packing your bags: security, dangerous areas, exchange rates, water and food quality or possible diseases – such information will help to plan your trip more carefully.
  • In case you drive a rented car and stay away from civilization, be vigilant. There are usually many warning signs. If it is a wild beach, there will be some designations regarding flows, rocks and other things. When you do not see such signs, only your attentiveness remains the key to security.

    It helps to know these facts for a motorist in Australia:

    • The country is one of the three world leaders in the amount of gasoline consumed annually (per capita). Roads in Australia are represented by both unpaved and artificial-paved roads. The total length of the latter is approximately 360 thousand kilometers.
    • The left-hand movement came to the southern continent from Britain, back in the era of the country’s colonial dependence. In turn, the tradition of driving on the left side of the road migrated to Great Britain from the sea. As you know, British ships used to sail precisely in this way.
    • In Australia, during the movement of the car, all passengers must wear seat belts.
    • Outside of settlements, you can accelerate to 100 km / h, and within them, the speed of the car should not exceed 60 km / h. On suburban roads, wild animals can often run out onto the roadway.

    Australia, which is thousands of kilometers away from the mainland, has been surprising throughout its history not only with its natural characteristics, but also with its way of life. Only here you can see aborigines, which are unusual for modernity; enjoy the creation of human hands, the Sydney Opera House. An even greater desire to go here will be created by Australian extraordinariness, which will become an instance for your personal discoveries, made on the road.